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And the best business climate starts with a high degree of expertise!.

In 2003, Tim Hayes, Managing Member of Matrix Management Consulting, visited Jacksonville to discuss best practices in lending capital and delivering advisory services to disadvantaged businesses.

Working with The Mayor’s Office, The Office of Economic Development, and strategic lending partners, Matrix was engaged to lead the organization, capitalization, and implementation of a lending and advisory services program as a key component of JSEB.

JSEB as designed by Matrix, for every $1,000,000 loaned, it leveraged $19,000,000 in contracts, while maintaining 99.7% of the capital.

Our team brings a cross-section of industry expertise in commercial and non-conforming lending, capital formation, advisory services, accounting and finance, and business advisory services. We endeavor to leverage these skillsets to Assess, Align and Accelerate organizational performance.

Matrix works collaboratively and confidentially with owners and team leaders and key stakeholders to optimize organizational capacity, efficiency, performance, and growth.

We create actionable work plans that empower owners, team leaders and key stakeholders to deliver measurable results.

Our goal is lasting transformation.


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