Business Conference


Economic conditions are constantly changing as businesses attempt to grow all while managing risks and complying with federal, state and local laws.

Matrix’s greatest asset is the thought leadership of our seasoned professionals. We have directed and consulted with a wide variety of companies, agencies, and organizations. Our talented professionals identify cost-effective, value-added solutions to improve the financial position and operations for businesses or organizations.

Matrix Business Advisory Services team provides solutions-based services in Business Plannings, Profit Engineering,

Organizational Alignment, Financial, and Operational Benchmarking and Reporting

Lending & Portfolio Management

We mitigate traditional credit criteria deficiencies within a broader risk appetite with our underwriting and risk limiting methodologies. We evaluate our firms’ overall market, credit, and liquidity risks during our assessment, therefore deploying more capital while limiting losses.

Portfolio management is not simply the process in which we manage risk; we include ongoing advisory services and collaboration with other partners to ensure that borrowers have the resources necessary to face challenges, overcome business obstacles, and limit losses.

Portfolio management is facilitated through a web-based platform which enables robust reporting and ease of interaction with borrowers, funders, and investors.